Financial & Business Advisory

Our experience & knowledge with business & financial planning provide you with the right tools which will empower you to launch, maintain & carry your business forward through both prosperous & crisis times (Critical Path Management).

Our experienced consultants will work with you to :
  • Register your business & organization (Corporation, Partnership, Sole-Proprietorship, Not-for-Profit, etc.)
  • Launch your start-up company & fund your venture
  • Grow your business in a balanced & healthy way
  • Carry your venture through critical & difficult times
  • Come up with the best strategies during the prosperous times
  • Anticipate internal & external financial needs & help you create an effective budget
Jump Start Your Venture!

Starting a business venture requires a lot of careful planning & consulting. The team of expert business advisors at Bahman Accounting Inc. are here to help you make strong, well-informed & sound decisions that are focused on the unique needs of your start-up business.

Critical Path Management (CPM)

Fluctuating economic situations & unforeseen circumstances may affect the health of your business. We are here to help you be stress-free, plan ahead of obstacles & work through critical times to smoothly convert to stable & profitable conditions.

Growing Your Current Business

If you are already in business, our holistic, creative & crucial advice quickly set you to optimize & hone various aspects of your business. In this fashion, we make sure that your primary goal & purpose stays clear & that our clients grow in their business with balance & self-fulfillment.

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