Employment Expenses

You can deduct certain expenses (including any GST/HST) you paid to earn employment income. You can do this only if your employment contract required you to pay the expenses & you did not receive an allowance for them, or the allowance you received is included in your income.

Most employees cannot claim employment expenses. You cannot deduct the cost of travel to & from work, or other expenses, such as most tools & clothing.

You have to keep records for each year you claim expenses. These records must include all the following:

  • a daily record of your expenses, together with your receipts & any cancelled cheques
  • any ticket stubs for travel
  • invoices
  • any monthly credit card statements
  • a record of each motor vehicle you used for employment. This record must show both the total kilometres you drove & the kilometres you drove for employment purposes in the year.

Note: you cannot deduct more than the income you received when you did not perform the duties of your employment.

Bahman Accounting Inc. professional bookkeepers will help you to submit proper forms to claim eligible employment expenses.

Please consider the following list as a help in preparation of complete documentation for filing the INCOME TAX RETURN:

  • General list of documents for the individuals
  • General list of documents for the individuals(for new clients only)
  • General list of documents for the personal income tax(pdf fillable form)
  • List of income & expenses for the self-employed
  • List of documents for reporting rental income
  • General list of documents for filing corporate tax return

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